12.3.18 KING OF STING Book Signings

KING OF STING Book Signings

The King of Sting officially hit bookstores last Tuesday, but two particular stores are going to receive special visits from Coyote this month. Check out the dates and location here!

11.26.18 Brave Wilderness & Animal Planet In The News

The announcement a couple weeks ago about our upcoming show with Animal Planet has received quite a bit of press. Check out some of the stories below:

11.19.18 – Brave Wilderness Adventure Kits AVAILABLE

Today we launched the Brave Wilderness Adventure Kits – a series of subscription packages that include some really cool Brave Wilderness memorabilia! The kit includes a scientific collection and fact recording kit, anatomically accurate animal figurines, and even our first series of trading cards! Coyote loved collecting animal toys when he was younger, and still does today, so he is very proud to introduce his own figurine series inspired by some of the most famous episodes from our YouTube Channel!

Check out everything that is included in the first Adventure Kit here!

11.18.18 – Jurassic World Explorers PREMIERES!

Brave Wilderness has officially partnered with Universal Pictures to become the Jurassic World Explorers! It was 25 years ago that Coyote first watched Jurassic Park which helped jumpstart his love of dinosaurs that ultimately led to this amazing opportunity to work with the Jurassic World franchise. Jurassic World Explorers will examine all of the films in the franchise and how dinosaurs compare to animals of today. The first episode, T-REX SIZED GATOR Caught in Florida!, premiered on the Brave Wilderness YouTube Channel on Sunday, November 18th, 2018. The next three episodes will premiere the following three Sundays on the Jurassic World YouTube Channel, which you can visit here!

11.16.18 – The Team joins Animal Planet!


Animal Planet and Coyote Peterson announce the development of first long-form television series for YouTube star.

Wilderness Productions in Line to Produce for Animal Planet New Original Series Chronicling Animal Expert, Adventurer, and YouTube Star Coyote Peterson

Animal Planet announced today that it is exclusively working with Coyote Peterson to develop a new long-form TV series featuring wild expeditions and rare up-close animal experiences. The series will premiere on Animal Planet in 2019 and will appeal to Peterson’s established 13 million-strong “Coyote Pack” as well as Animal Planet’s global audience.

Passionate about wildlife education and host of the much-loved Brave Wilderness channel on YouTube (13M subscribers), Coyote brings the animal kingdom up close for the next wave of explorers in an entertaining way, while promoting compassion and welfare for the natural world. For his Animal Planet series, Coyote will travel to all new destinations and share his experiences with the most fascinating, bizarre, and iconic animals on earth. Together with his crew, which includes director Mark Vins and wildlife biologist Mario Aldecoa, they will share their breathtaking adventures.

“Coyote is curious, fearless and very passionate about animals and animal conservation, inspiring a whole new generation of animal enthusiasts,” said Kurt Tondorf, Animal Planet’s Senior Vice President of Development. “We are delighted Coyote’s bringing his infectious enthusiasm and knowledge to Animal Planet. We look forward to sharing his new animal adventures with his “Coyote Pack” of fans and our audiences across all screens around the globe.”

“My entire life I have been fascinated with animals and my goal has always been to share this passion with the rest of the world,” said Coyote. “Producing a series for Animal Planet is a dream come true, and their global platform will allow us to proudly promote a message of education and a continued drive toward the conservation of countless animal species. This is the big leagues for us, and not only are we excited, but we have never been more ready for the journey ahead!”

“The road leading to this opportunity has been paved in grit, determination, friendship, and most of all, a profound enthusiasm for what we love to do: sharing our wildlife adventures with the world,” said Vins. “Now that we’ve partnered with Animal Planet, we will have the honor of doing so from the biggest stage for nature programs, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Through the Brave Wilderness channel on YouTube, Coyote has hosted various adventure series including, the 2015 Emmy Award-winning “Breaking Trail”, “Beyond the Tide”, “On Location”, “Dragon Tales” and the upcoming Universal Pictures “Jurassic World Explorers” digital franchise set to debut November 18 exclusively on YouTube. His first book, Coyote Peterson’s Brave Adventures: Wild Animals in a Wild World! (Mango Media – 2017), was #1 Bookscan in Juvenile Non-fiction; and his upcoming second book, Coyote Peterson: The King of Sting! (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers), will be available everywhere books are sold beginning November 27.

11.9.18 – Coyote on Good Mythical Morning

Coyote on Good Mythical Morning

Coyote joins Rhett & Link on their daily YouTube show, Good Mythical Morning.

Check out the first video here, and the second, there!

11.8.18 Coyote on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

Coyote had the pleasure of joining Kelly and Ryan for a game of BRAVE of AFRAID! 

Check out Coyote’s LIVE segment as well as the challenge he did backstage with the LIVE staff.

11.7.18 – KING OF STING available for PRE-ORDER!

Join Coyote Peterson on the journey of a lifetime as he tracks down some of the most painful stinging creatures on the planet… and it puts science to the test by actually letting them sting him!

Every thrilling Coyote Peterson adventure—from the bullet ant to the tarantula hawk to the giant desert hairy scorpion—has led to the search for the King of Sting, the legendary Execution wasp. Does the executioner wasp really have the most painful stain on the planet? 

To pre-order, click here!

10.5.18 – Brave Wilderness featured in NEWSDAY

“I like Brave Wilderness. This channel shows the star, Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson, interacting with dangerous animals. Not only are these videos cool, but they also can help you get over any fear of some animals. I personally got over my fear of bees by watching his “Stung by a Tarantula Hawk” video. He also talks about the animal before interacting, so it is a good learning opportunity. Recommended to anyone with a fear of animals or a love for science or nature.”

See the article here!

9.10.18 – Official Coyote Pack Announced!


Today we proudly announce the launch of the Official Coyote Pack fan club with the release of the Coyote Pack Starter Kit. Being a part of the Coyote Pack is an exclusive opportunity and members will even get special monthly video letter from Coyote!

Click here to see what comes in the Starter Kit!

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