Museum Traveller: New Project!

We are very excited to share with everyone the new startup that Coyote has been working on for the last 4 months! It’s called Museum Traveller and is launching on Kickstarter in collaboration with Alena Iskanderova, a paleontologist and science communicator. The mission of Museum Traveller is to visit museums around the world and bring natural history, wildlife, and science back to you in an engaging way through virtual reality and video content!

Together, we can help bring natural history and science to the world in a new way!

The Museum Traveller pre-launch campaign is live on Kickstarter! This means that you can be one of the first to get access to the best deals and pledges. We’ve been developing a prototype, planning the Kickstarter campaign, and creating pledges and offers for months now and are excited to provide our supporters with the best deals and limited time offers.

If you would like to help us make this platform even more awesome than it already is (and get some great rewards in return), please consider checking and subscribing to the pre-launch campaign.