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Coyote holding Wildlife Adventure


‘Wildlife Adventure: An Interactive Guide with Facts, Photos, and More!’

Exciting news! Coyote has a BRAND NEW book out today — and it’s no ordinary guidebook! Venture around the world with Coyote to learn about animals and their environments in this interactive field guide. This non-fiction adventure is packed with write-in activities, animal facts, gear checklists, and over hundreds of STICKERS! We had a little fun with our own copy here at the Brave Wilderness headquarters…


Coyote's New Activity Book is Available Today!


Do the same and tag a photo of your adventure with #bravewilderness for a chance to be shared across our social media accounts! Coyote’s new guidebook makes the perfect holiday gift for the young adventurer in your life! Available HERE!

Brave Adventures: Epic Encounters in the Animal Kingdom

‘Brave Adventures: Epic Encounters in the Animal Kingdom’ is available in stores today! In this second installment of the Brave Adventures series, Coyote and his crew voyage to new environments and encounter an even more eclectic ensemble of the planets’ animals. From a slimy octopus to elusive tree climbing lizards to nomadic wolverines–this book promises to be another fast-paced, wild experience. Over one hundred hand-drawn, black-and-white illustrations are included throughout the book. Click here to order!

Coyote’s fans have two special opportunities to purchase the book and get it signed by Coyote in person! Click here for book-signing locations!

Today we launched the Brave Wilderness Adventure Kits – a series of subscription packages that include some really cool Brave Wilderness memorabilia! The kit includes a scientific collection and fact recording kit, anatomically accurate animal figurines, and even our first series of trading cards! Coyote loved collecting animal toys when he was younger, and still does today, so he is very proud to introduce his own figurine series inspired by some of the most famous episodes from our YouTube Channel!

Check out everything that is included in the first Adventure Kit here!

Join Coyote Peterson on the journey of a lifetime as he tracks down some of the most painful stinging creatures on the planet… and it puts science to the test by actually letting them sting him!

Every thrilling Coyote Peterson adventure—from the bullet ant to the tarantula hawk to the giant desert hairy scorpion—has led to the search for the King of Sting, the legendary Execution wasp. Does the executioner wasp really have the most painful stain on the planet? 

To pre-order, click here!


Today we proudly announce the launch of the Official Coyote Pack fan club with the release of the Coyote Pack Starter Kit. Being a part of the Coyote Pack is an exclusive opportunity and members will even get special monthly video letter from Coyote!

Click here to see what comes in the Starter Kit!