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Today we are participating in Facebook’s Giving Tuesday! It’s a chance to join in the holiday spirit and give back to the organizations and communities you love and want to support. Facebook will match up to a total of $7 million for all donations made through the platform today!

We are supporting Kids Saving the Rainforest, who care for local animals in Costa Rica…like baby sloths! Often sloths fall out of trees and get lost. This organization takes in orphans and injured adults to rehabilitate them with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. To increase their chances of being reintroduced to their native habitat, Sloths are in need of a large space to move around and understand their environment while being rehabilitated. The number of baby sloths being admitted to the clinic is resulting in overcrowding and little room for sloths to be properly weaned back into the wild. What happens when the sloths are released? GPS tracking backpacks and collars are used so that Kids Saving the Rainforest can check their health and learn from their habits to help with the future care of other injured and orphaned sloths.

Kids Saving the Rainforest does so much more than just care for sloths! They rehabilitate other wildlife, perform research on the rainforest ecosystem, train volunteers, and promote conservation, as well reforestation. They were founded by two 9 year old girls in 1999 to promote awareness and protection of their local rainforest.

For more information about the organization, click HERE If you are interested in sponsoring a sloth by donating to Kids Saving the Rainforest, click HERE

If you would like to support them through Cameo and get a special video shout out from Coyote himself, you can order one by clicking HERE


Supporting Conservation with Cameo!


We have achieved our goal for our first conservation campaign partnering with Cameo! We have raised $5000 for Texas Turtles, a conservation group that is working to protect turtle species in the United States. Texas is home to nearly half of turtle diversity in the US so it gives this organization a great opportunity to educated people about these wonderful creatures. We are happy to have worked with them and look forward to our new conservation campaign… 


Coyote and the Crew met a baby sloth in Costa Rica named B-Rad


Kids Saving the Rainforest! If you remember, Coyote and the Crew met a baby sloth in Costa Rica named B-Rad. Well, this is his home! Kids Saving the Rainforest is a non-profit who strive to protect the wildlife and promote conservation of Costa Rica. If you would like to support this effort, click here  to book your official Coyote Peterson shoutouts, birthday wishes, songs and more with Cameo to continue supporting these fundraising efforts! Stay Wild!

Halloween Costume Contest Winners


We are proud to announce the winners of our Annual Brave Wilderness Halloween Costume Contest! It was very difficult to choose from all the magnificent costumes sent to us this year, but these three definitely stood out:

1st PLACE:

@thedailydamien featuring cameos of the Executioner Wasp, Coyote Peterson, Mark Vins! We love that the whole family got into the spirit of the contest and showed great acting ability.

They won: Signed copies of all 4 of Coyote’s books, including the upcoming activity book, ‘Wildlife Adventure’!

Runner Ups:

@julieheinonen with a great Coyote Peterson costume featuring the Fire Ants episode!
@j_reyes910 with a creative depiction of Coyote Peterson’s Bee Beard episode!

They won: Brave Wilderness T-shirts and Hats!


Thank you to all who entered this year and we look forward to next year’s innovative Brave Wilderness themed costumes!

Extended Director's Cut of our 'Lord of the Stings' episode!

Hey, Brave Crew… We have some exciting news for fans that love extra content! We recently re-launched our Members-Only program on our YouTube Channel! By joining our channel as a member, you can get access to the following exclusive perks:

  • Brave Wilderness emojis for use during live chats
  • Channel badges that appear next to your YouTube username based on your length of membership
  • Exclusive videos, live streams, and behind-the-scenes photos (like this one of Coyote getting excited for the shoot while getting his makeup ready)
  • Monthly discounts on merchandise in our Brave Wilderness store

We kicked off our Members-Only re-launch last week with an extended Director’s Cut of our ‘Lord of the Stings’ episode! The episode is 35 minutes of Lord of the Rings goodness, filmed on the official Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand.

To receive these awesome channel perks and see this exclusive content, join our channel membership by clicking here!

Coyote and Mario traveled to New York to speak at NYC Comic-Con!


In early October Coyote and Mario traveled to New York to speak at NYC Comic-Con! The festival celebrated comics, creators, experts, authors and more. Surrounded by superheroes, monsters, and every other fantastical creature that you can imagine, the crew came across some awesome cosplayers! Including a pretty sweet Sonic the Hedgehog, if we do say so ourselves…


Sonic and Coyote


Coyote was perusing all of the awesome merch available and even came across some cool vintage posters of movies he fell in love with during his childhood! That could’ve potentially been very dangerous for his wallet… We all know how much Coyote loves Steven Spielberg and Jurassic Park!


Coyote with movie posters


On Friday afternoon, October 4th, “The King of Sting, Coyote Peterson LIVE” panel was held for fans to hear Coyote, Mario, David Casey and Fay Yu discuss their adventures and upcoming Animal Planet television series, Brave the Wild. Fans also had a chance to ask questions at the end of the panel. If you’d like to watch the panel, you can see it here!

Brave Adventures: Epic Encounters in the Animal Kingdom

‘Brave Adventures: Epic Encounters in the Animal Kingdom’ is available in stores today! In this second installment of the Brave Adventures series, Coyote and his crew voyage to new environments and encounter an even more eclectic ensemble of the planets’ animals. From a slimy octopus to elusive tree climbing lizards to nomadic wolverines–this book promises to be another fast-paced, wild experience. Over one hundred hand-drawn, black-and-white illustrations are included throughout the book. Click here to order!

Coyote’s fans have two special opportunities to purchase the book and get it signed by Coyote in person! Click here for book-signing locations!

Coyote and the Brave Wilderness team received two records from Guinness World Records last year. Click here to read their Q&A with Coyote about the channel’s success, conservation, record-breaking animals, and his climb up the Insect Sting Pain Index!

We’re excited to share that our VR180 video “Bitten by a Snake!” was featured in this article about the new Oculus Quest gaming system from YouTube. Get ready for new Brave Wilderness VR content coming this summer!

Brave Wilderness is excited to announce that this Sunday at 5pm eastern, following the Puppy Bowl, Animal Planet will be airing our half-hour documentary ‘Return to the Wilderness’! This special is our introduction the Animal Planet audience, giving them a chance to meet the team, to learn about the adventurous work we’ve already done on YouTube, and getting everyone excited for our upcoming series on the network.

Make sure to tune in this Sunday!

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