Ask a Biologist – Education Sessions!

While remaining at base camp over the past few months, Coyote and Mario were looking for something to do with their time – and they came up with a fun idea to produce educational content right from the office! ‘Ask a Biologist’ allowed Coyote and Mario to host a classroom-style livestream session to continue teaching all things wildlife! During these sessions, the topics ranged from dinosaurs to penguins and everything in-between. Our crew wanted to continue to provide content for the animal lovers out there during these uncertain times, so for those of you who tuned-in, we hope you enjoyed it! If you missed the sessions and would like to participate in the fun during the busy Summer season, you can head to our YouTube channel now and click the Join button on the homepage to get access to these videos and more. Each session includes a lesson plan and homework activities that are fun for the whole family!