Save The Horns!

Rhinos are dying. Poaching, habitat loss, and genetic fragmentation have collectively pushed rhino populations to the brink of extinction. Illegal and deadly horn poaching is far and wide the greatest threat to rhinos. To deter this gruesome practice often calls for extreme measures… like chain-sawing off a rhino’s horn.

This is the reality of the fight to save rhinos.

Kariega Game Reserve has acquired rewilded farmland that is now considered pristine habitat for many of Africa’s iconic native species. This means the introduction of a cheetah coalition, a second pride of lions, and significant migration space for many other species including iconic African elephants. The reserve will drop strategic fencing to create one 9,000-hectare wilderness in the western region of the reserve, which opens species migration corridors and creates new breeding territory for the wild inhabitants.

Most importantly, this rewilded land is perfectly suited for white and black rhinoceros.

Black rhinos are listed as critically endangered, with barely 5,000 remaining in the wild. Establishing and protecting a breeding population in the Eastern Cape is a major win for conservation of this species.

With more land and animals also comes the critical need for further protection. Save the Horns will support Global Conservation Force’s efforts to place anti-poaching unit rangers on the newly expanded grounds of the reserve. This includes patrols by vehicle, on foot, k-9 units, and horse mounted units. GCF’s ranger program centers around recruiting, training, and employing members of the surrounding community, which provides economic stimulation and a conservation-based career path that deters many from getting involved with poaching syndicates. Protections also include technological advancements in animal tagging and tracking.

We have a plan to put things back on track. Brave Wilderness is partnering with Kariega Game Reserve, Global Conservation Force and Bear Grylls to Save The Horns.

A massive thank you to Dr. William Fowlds and to YOU for doing your part.

Find out more about the effort to Save the Horns and make a donation HERE.