11.5.19 New YouTube Member-Only Perks!

Extended Director's Cut of our 'Lord of the Stings' episode!

Hey, Brave Crew… We have some exciting news for fans that love extra content! We recently re-launched our Members-Only program on our YouTube Channel! By joining our channel as a member, you can get access to the following exclusive perks:

  • Brave Wilderness emojis for use during live chats
  • Channel badges that appear next to your YouTube username based on your length of membership
  • Exclusive videos, live streams, and behind-the-scenes photos (like this one of Coyote getting excited for the shoot while getting his makeup ready)
  • Monthly discounts on merchandise in our Brave Wilderness store

We kicked off our Members-Only re-launch last week with an extended Director’s Cut of our ‘Lord of the Stings’ episode! The episode is 35 minutes of Lord of the Rings goodness, filmed on the official Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand.

To receive these awesome channel perks and see this exclusive content, join our channel membership by clicking here!

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