11.14.19 Supporting Conservation with Cameo!

Supporting Conservation with Cameo!


We have achieved our goal for our first conservation campaign partnering with Cameo! We have raised $5000 for Texas Turtles, a conservation group that is working to protect turtle species in the United States. Texas is home to nearly half of turtle diversity in the US so it gives this organization a great opportunity to educated people about these wonderful creatures. We are happy to have worked with them and look forward to our new conservation campaign… 


Coyote and the Crew met a baby sloth in Costa Rica named B-Rad


Kids Saving the Rainforest! If you remember, Coyote and the Crew met a baby sloth in Costa Rica named B-Rad. Well, this is his home! Kids Saving the Rainforest is a non-profit who strive to protect the wildlife and promote conservation of Costa Rica. If you would like to support this effort, click here  to book your official Coyote Peterson shoutouts, birthday wishes, songs and more with Cameo to continue supporting these fundraising efforts! Stay Wild!

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