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When the intrusive thoughts win… how we caught 200 angry Yellowjackets for the angry Yellowjacket box.

IMPORTANT: Risk of allergic reaction or anaphylaxis is possible after receiving a sting from any stinging insect. Call 911 or other emergency services if you’re having a serious reaction to an insect sting. Do not try this at home.

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Coyote’s craziest stings yet… the ANGRY YELLOWJACKET BOX. Live now on BW channel ...

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Did you know about the Cyanide Millipede?! 🤯 #reels #animals #nature #wildlife #reelsinstagram ...

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Mark vs 5 razor-jawed soldier ants from yesterday’s video.

Which do you think was worse? These soldier ants, or the bullet ant sting?

Do NOT attempt to imitate what you see here. Segment conducted by professionals in a controlled environment.

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Soldier ants are BACK! And this time, Mark’s taking on 5 of these razor-jawed insects for a full minute! But are they worse than a one-minute bullet ant sting? Time to find out - video live now on the BW channel! ...

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Unlike in #animalcrossing , tarantulas are actually pretty chill! ❤️ #reels #reelsinstagram #animals #nature #cute ...

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Do you have what it takes to become a real life mermaid?

Christina Wilson’s mermaid transformation and very first solo adventure is live now! Check it out on the BW YouTube channel 🧜‍♀️


#mermaid #mermaidlife #mermaids #mermaidsarereal #mermaidsofinstagram

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Living our mermaid fantasy 😍🧜‍♀️

Christina’s full mermaid transformation and very first solo adventure just went live on BW! Don’t miss it


#mermaid #mermaidlife #mermaids #littlemermaid #mermaidhair #mermaidtail #mermaidvibes

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Wildlife Biologist 🐠, Professional Wild Woman 🤸‍♀️, Conservationist 🦍, Explorer 🥾 and NEW Brave Wilderness host!

We’re SO excited to officially welcome @christinawildwilson to the Brave Wilderness family!!!

Just like @coyotepeterson and @realmarkvins Christina will lead us into the wilderness on all sorts of brave adventures!

And tomorrow, Saturday 11/12 at 8am, Christina will transform into a mermaid on her very first solo adventure! Don’t miss it.

Please join us in welcoming our new host and WILD friend - Christina Wilson!

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Coyote gets face to face with one of the most beautiful snakes in the world… the Eyelash Viper! The golden phase Eyelash Viper is without question the most iconic variety, and also one of the most colorful species of snake, that lives in rainforests of Costa Rica.

Now while it may appear small and tranquil, this snake is still a formidable predator. Equipped with two venom injecting fangs capable of inflicting some serious damage, it goes without saying that Coyote must take extreme caution with this reptile!

Remember: An Eyelash Viper envenomation can be a life-threatening event. There are potentially devastating physical and financial consequences for those unlucky enough to experience a eyelash viper bite. Please do not attempt to reenact or recreate any events or scenes from our videos.


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Jaguar, the King of the Pantanal. This big cat is an Apex Predator, and the largest jaguar subpopulation in the WORLD!


#jaguar #wildlifephotography #bigcat

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Smile, it’s Saturday 🤪

This jaguar is displaying the flehmen response: a mammalian behavior in which the animal inhales with the mouth open and upper lip curled to facilitate exposure of the vomeronasal organ to a scent or pheromone

This is just a fancy way of saying this jaguar smelled something particularly interesting, and is investigating!

See more Jaguars on this weekend’s latest adventure - live now on the BW channel!


#jaguar #wildlifephotography #bigcat

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