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Karl vs King Cobra 😱 The King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the longest of all venomous snakes. Oh and by the way… this snake preys almost exclusively on OTHER SNAKES! Wild, huh? #snake #education #woah ...

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Snake fruit! This fuzzy fruit (also known as salak) is native to Indonesia, though Coyote and Trent found this particular snake fruit tree in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Coyote described the texture as a mixture of a dehydrated apple and a potato… would you try one 🤔? #fruit #foodie #trysomethingnew ...

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Venom vs Human Blood! Ever wondered what happens when you get bit by a venomous snake? Well it’s important to note that there’s three types of snake venom: cytotoxic, neurotoxic and hemotoxic. Here you’re seeing what happens when hemotoxic venom (like that of a Fer De Lance) enters the bloodstream. Snake bites can have varying effects depending on the venom and individual factorss, so it’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention in the case of a bite! #science #sciencefacts #blood #snake #experimental ...

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It’s World Wildlife Day! To celebrate, we’re reflecting on some of the beautiful and iconic species we encountered last year.

Which species is your favorite?!

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Have you heard of the giant earwig? Characterized for its menacing-looking pincers and distinctive antennae. Despite their appearance (and reputation!) they’re harmless to humans and help control other insect populations. And no, they won’t crawl into your ears - they prefer to munch on dead plants and insects.


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Ever heard of the mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus)? These amphibious cuties may not fetch your slippers, but they’ll steal your heart with their sassy smiles and wiggly tails. But the real question is… do they bark?!


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A real life river monster - the Alligator Gar (Atractosteus spatula)! Alligator gar are the largest of all the gar species — in fact, they’re one of the biggest freshwater fish anywhere in North America! And while this modern day dinosaur may look intimidating with its large jaws and gator-like teeth, don’t fret because they are not aggressive towards (or hungry for!) humans. Conservation efforts for this incredible fish are ongoing, as their populations have been decimated by habitat destruction, indiscriminate culling, and unrestricted harvests.


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When it lunged for him… 🫣

Check out this heart-stopping throwback from 2021 when this baby venomous Fer De Lance nearly took a bite out of Coyote. It’s important to NEVER let your guard down around a venomous snake and always respect them from a far distance! Coyote almost learned that the hard way this time. #snakes #omg #woah #animals

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24 hours to find the Green Palm Viper! Coyote, Mario and Trent challenged themselves to find this ultra rare deadly snake in under 24 hours, from airport to Costa Rica. Catch the whole adventure - live now on the Brave Wilderness YT channel! 🐍 ...

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This Valentine’s Day, we’re channeling alllll of the love and joy that unlikely besties Dorothy the goat and Leko the baby rhino have for each other. ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day, Brave Crew!


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Snake milking the venomous Fer De Lance! Venom milking is an incredibly important and extremely deadly job that produces life saving antivenin for snake bite victims. Remember: a snake bite from a venomous snake is a potentially life-threatening event! Individuals like Karl and Mara are professionals - do NOT try this at home!

New ultimate snake milking video just dropped! Check our channel for our top 10 snake milking encounters!

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