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Myriapods are some of the most bizarre creepy crawlies to inhabit the earth, and they come in all shapes, sizes and… numbers of legs!

Enter: the Desert Centipede (Scolopendra Polymorpha). This super leggy creature can deliver a powerful, painful, venomous bite — one that Coyote would go on to endure just a few years after this episode was filmed. So STAY AWAY! Respect them and all their creepy crawly goodness from a distance, and you’ll be 👍

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Black widow free-handling! Proving that these creepy crawlies are not out to get you. Arachnophobia warning!

Many believe that black widow spiders are out-right aggressive and will do their very best to bite you. However, in an attempt to prove that this widely feared arachnid is actually rather docile and always more interested in avoiding humans than inflicting a bite, Coyote held one with his bare hands.

What do you think? Black widow box next? 🕷


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Endangered sea turtles are too cold! Help us save them - link in bio! ...

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The lionfish is a venomous marine fish, also known as the firefish, turkey fish, and tasty fish! Last year, Mark Vins compared the painful sting of the Lionfish with the formidable Scorpionfish.


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Ever heard of Chiggers?

If you’ve ever spent time outside then woken up with a million itchy bites under your clothes, then it’s possible the culprit was chiggers!

Chiggers are microscopic mites that thrive in grassy or wooded areas near bodies of water. They’ll attach to your clothes as you pass through brush then feed on your skin! Their bites can cause itching and irritation, and you’ll typically find them near your ankles, on your lower legs, behind your knees, around your waist, or even… 🫣

They’re most active during warmer months and found all throughout the US. Wear protective clothing and plenty of bug spray if you don’t want to end up a tasty mite meal!

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Peacock mantis shrimp fancam! These colorful creatures are renowned for their punching power.

They strike mercilessly using raptorial appendages capable of creating cavitation bubbles. These bubbles are formed when an object (like a mantis shrimp’s smasher club) moves through water at incredibly high speeds. And when it collapses under the surrounding pressure, it creates a burst of light, heat and sound - that shockwave deals catastrophic damage to prey items!

Did you catch PUNCHED by a Mantis Shrimp yet?!


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The ultimate winged assassin - the peregrine falcon! Watch Coyote transform into one on this weekend’s episode. Live now on the BW channel!


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On the left, a smooth green snake. On the right, a northern water snake. These two snakes are non-venomous, and were released back into the wild shortly after filming.

What would you name this gorgeous little green snake? 🐍


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Ever stuck your hands into a giant tank of bloodworms? (If you answered yes, we’re going to need you to explain…)

Bloodworms are mildly venomous creatures that sport 4 razor sharp copper teeth and a wild looking proboscis. We dug these ones out of the mud flats in Maine so we could put their biting power to the test, and learn whether they hunt in packs!

What do you think… more bloodworms in 2023? Or maybe the hammerhead worm?


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What if your feet were Horned Lizards? 🤔

500 ANGRY Ants vs Human Feet! Out now


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Which is worse? A punch from a mantis shrimp? Or a hockey puck to the 🤐 from Stinger? Time to find out.

PUNCHED by a Mantis Shrimp! Live now!

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for!!! What does it take to get PUNCHED by a Mantis Shrimp?! A whole lot of krill, that’s what.

PUNCHED by a Mantis Shrimp live now!

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